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Finding Information About Your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Environment

Click Help > About Cisco Unified MeetingPlace to display information about your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace environment, including the version of the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-in you are using (if any) and the version of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing.

Finding End-User Documentation

Documentation for end users of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace includes online help links in the application, a PDF version of the online help, and Quick Start Guides.

For the latest version of all end-user documentation visit the following:

Accessing Cisco WebEx User Documentation

Depending on system configuration and user profile settings, you might have the option to access the Cisco WebEx home page and download Cisco WebEx user documentation.

Note: Only use the My WebEx link to access Cisco WebEx meeting recordings and user documentation. Enabling other features from the My WebEx link is not supported.

Before You Begin

Sign in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace as a profiled user. If you see the My WebEx link on the home page, complete this procedure.

  1. Click My WebEx.
  2. Click Meeting Center.
  3. Click Support.
  4. Click User Guides.
  5. Select a document from the list of user guides.
  6. Select a document format.
  7. View or download the documentation.

Getting Help From an Attendant

If your organization has enabled the live attendant feature, you can obtain human assistance by telephone.

Before You Begin
  • Know what version of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace you are using. From the web meeting room, click Help > About Cisco MeetingPlace.
  • Know what version of the Flash Player you are using. Right-click anywhere in the web meeting room and choose About Macromedia Flash Player 7 then click OK.

  1. Press #, then 0 if you are in a voice meeting.
  2. If you are not in a voice or video meeting, dial the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace phone number.
  3. Press #.
  4. Press 0.

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