Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Enabling Dial-Out Calls from the Cisco WebEx Web Meeting Room

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Dial-out privileges from the Cisco WebEx site are determined by the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace guest profile, not by individual user profiles. Perform this task to verify the correct setting or to re-enable dial-out privileges for guest users.

By default, in fresh installations, the guest profile is configured to enable dial-out calls by guest users. If you upgraded from Release 7.0 to Release 8.0, then your system retained the guest profile dial-out setting from before the upgrade.

Before You Begin

This procedure is supported in Release 7.0.3 only.


  • Completing this task enables all guest users to dial out via the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace telephone user interface (TUI). If, however, a user dials in to the meeting and authenticates to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace over the phone, then the TUI dial-out privileges for that user is determined by the user profile setting.
  • (Cisco Unified MeetingPlace scheduling only) Cisco WebEx treats all audio meeting participants as guest users, including the meeting host. Therefore, if the system dials out to users for either of the following reasons:
    • The host joins a continuous meeting that is set up to call all invitees when the first person joins
    • The host presses #3 to dial out to other users

Then any users who are already in the meeting will experience the following:

  • The audio meeting participant (including the host) will receive a dial-out call, which should be ignored.
  • The web meeting participant will see a duplicate entry in the participant list, instead of a single entry which represents both the audio and web presence for the user.


  1. Sign in to the Administration Center.
  2. Select User Configuration > User Profiles.
  3. Find the guest profile.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Set the Can dial out field to Yes.
  6. Select Save.

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