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By default, all voice prompts, e-mail notifications, end-user web interfaces, and web meeting rooms use U.S. English. To use a different language or to enable end users to choose from multiple languages, complete these high-level tasks.

Before You Begin

Read Language Restrictions.

Task Number High-Level Task Where to Find Instructions


(For multiple languages only) Purchase, download, and install the languages license.

Without the languages license, you can only enable one language on the system. With the installed languages license, you can enable up to four languages on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.

How to Install and Manage Licenses


Enable the languages.

Enabling Installed Languages


(For multiple languages only) Configure language preferences in the user groups or user profiles.

Note: End users may override this setting by selecting a language through the end-user web interface or over the phone. See the User Guide for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace at

Specifying Languages for Users


(For the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView only) Install and configure matching languages in Cisco Unified Communications Manager for the Cisco Unified IP Phones.

Integrating Cisco Unified MeetingPlace With Cisco Unified IP Phone

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