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Distributing the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-In on End-User Computers

By default, the system prompts end users to download and install the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-In the first time that they try to share content during a meeting. However, to simplify the process for end users or to distribute this program to end user computers that do not have local Admin priviliges, you can provide admin installation and silently install the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-In onto their computers.

This section describes how to use an automated distribution system, such as the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), to remotely distribute and install the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-In. Administrator priviliges are required to install the Presenter Add-In so use both admin and silent switches.

  • ADMIN - Installs setup.exe for access by all users of a computer using "Admin" install priviliges.
  • SILENT, /VERYSILENT - When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When a setup is very silent this installation progress window is not displayed.
Before You Begin

Ensure that all end users have installed the Adobe Flash Player.


Cisco Systems does not provide technical support for automated distribution tools.

  1. Download the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-In "Setup.exe" file from the home page of the MeetingPlace Web server.
  1. Upload the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-In file to your corporate distribution software.
  2. Run the executable by entering setup.exe /admin /silent
  3. To Test Switches
    • Click Start > Run, and enter <path to setup.exe> /admin /silent.
    • Verify that no user prompts appear on the end user machine.

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