Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Configuring Basic Voice & Video Conferencing

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Before You Begin

Task Number High-Level Task Where to Find Instructions


Log in to the Administration Center.

Logging In to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Administration Center


Change the default passwords for the admin profile.

Changing System Administrator Passwords for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace


Install licenses.

Installing and Managing Licenses for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace


Configure the Audio Settings, Video Settings, and Global Settings on the Meeting Configuration Page.

Planning the Capacity of your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace System

Configuring Meetings and Ports


(Optional) Connect to an external SMTP server for e-mail notifications.

Configuring the SMTP Servers


(Optional) Enable dial-out privileges for profiled users by setting the Can call out from meetings field to Yes for the System user group.

Enabling Dial-Out Privileges for Users


Add user profiles.


At a minimum, manually add a test user profile. To test e-mail notifications, the user profile requires a valid e-mail address whose messages you can access.


Configure video privileges through the Video usage user profile field.


Configure the access phone numbers that users call to attend meetings.

Configuring Access Phone Numbers and Notification Labels for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace


(Optional) Configure video terminal profiles.

Adding or Editing a Video Terminal Profile


Connect to the call-control device that routes calls to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.

Configuring Call Control for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

What to Do Next

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