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Use this page to display the Alarm Table and clear alarms. To find this page, click Services > Alarms.

Table: Field Reference: Alarms Page
Field Description


Magnitude of the alarm. Can be major or minor.


Exception code.


Number of alarms that were combined into the one table entry.

First Time

When the alarm was first added to the Alarm Table, not including any alarms that were previously cleared.

Last Time

When the most recent alarm occurred for this table entry.


Unit number reporting the alarm.

  • This is always 0 for alarms generated within the Application Server.
  • For alarms that are reported through the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Gateway System Integrity Manager (Gateway SIM), this is the unit number used by Gateway SIM to identify the device.

Software Module

Number that identifies a specific software module.

Note: The brief description for the Alarm Table entry may contain values that are specific to one alarm occurrence, such as an IP address. These values may differ in all alarms that are combined into one table entry, but only the values for the first alarm are displayed. To see the individual alarms, view Exception Log.

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