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To find this page, click System Configuration > Call Configuration > Auto Attend Translation Configuration > Add New.

Table: Field Reference: Add Translation Rule Page and Edit Translation Rule Page
Field Description


Enter information to help you and other system administrators understand the translation rule.

Example: Converts a 7-digit number to a 5-digit extension.

Digits to match

Number of digits that must be in the incoming ANI (ANI = automatic number ID, or the phone number from which the user called) in order for this rule to be applied.

Example: Suppose this field is set to 5:

  • If the ANI is 50123, then the system applies this rule.
  • If the ANI is 0123 or 5550123, then the system does not apply this rule.

Recommendation: The ANI can vary depending on whether calls are received from internal, external, long distance, or international sources. Use a large enough value to preserve uniqueness for ANI matches. We recommend a value of 4 or 5.

Restriction: You cannot modify the preconfigured translation rule, in which this field is set to 0. The system uses the preconfigured translation rule to find a user profile phone number that matches the incoming ANI exactly without adding or deleting any digits.

Match string

Apply this rule if this string matches the beginning of the ANI digits.

This string is removed from the ANI.

Example: If this field is set to 555, and the ANI is 5550123, remove the 555 to make the modified ANI equal to 0123.

Replace by

Insert these digits at the beginning of the ANI.

Example: If this field is set to 5 and the ANI is 0123, then the ANI becomes 50123.

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