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Java Web Start is an application-deployment technology developed by Sun Microsystems that gives users the ability to launch full-featured applications with a single click. Java Web Start includes the security features of the Java platform, so the integrity of user data and files is never compromised. In addition, Java Web Start technology enables users to use the latest Java SE technology with any browser.

With Java Web Start, it is possible to launch applications simply by clicking on a Web page link. If the application is not present on the computer of the user, Java Web Start automatically downloads all of the necessary files. It then caches the files on the computer so the application is always ready to be relaunched either from a desktop icon or from the browser link. As a result, users are always presented with the most current version of the application.

For more information about Java Web Start visit its official page at the following:

MeetingPlace Conference Manager Updates

Java Web Start regularly contacts the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Application Server from which the application is installed in order to check if there is a newer version available. If a newer version is available it is automatically downloaded and started.

If the server version could not be checked, the current (cached) version of MeetingPlace Conference Manager is started.

Note: Java Web Start may prompt users to provide their Cisco Unified MeetingPlace credentials to access the Application Server.

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