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In this worksheet, AC is the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application consultant.

Timeline Owner Status Notes
Weeks 2-3

1. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace E-Mail Tips campaign.

AC w/corporate training and communications departments

  • One Cisco Unified MeetingPlace tip each week for six weeks (same day of week).
  • One Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application each week for six weeks (same day each week).
  • Include links to self-help strategies on Reference Center.

2. On-Site marketing (choose one of the following options. You may be charged extra for additional onsite strategies):

  • Lunch and Learn (hands-on session).
  • All Hands Demo (ten-minute demonstration during companywide meeting).
  • Lunch Demo (non hands-on session).
  • Technology fair.
  • Lobby presentation.

1 Hour


3. End user training, to be completed by Cisco:

  • Determine dates and times for on-site or remote training classes.
  • If on site, reserve an appropriately sized meeting or training room with the following requirements:
    • Two phones (one should be a polycom or speakerphone)
    • Overhead data display projector** Two computers connected to the LAN with Internet access
    • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for Outlook f or Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for Lotus Notes access with executable (if applicable)
  • Distribute training materials to the user community if necessary.
  • Send e-mail reminder day before training with the following:
    • Slides** Link to Reference Center website
    • QRCs

4. Post training:

  • Send e-mail to end users so they can register on the Reference Center for follow-up training

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