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WebConnect is an automatic rollover feature that ensures the availability of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace resources for users. For additional information on this feature, see the Configuring WebConnect chapter.

See the following sections for additional troubleshooting details:


What to Do If You Cannot Find a User Group

If you cannot find the user group you are looking for when trying to assign a rollover map, make sure that you updated user groups as described in the To Update User Groups. That way, information in both the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace database and the SQL Server database are synchronized when you try to access groups.

What to Do If You Are Unable to Add Attachments or Invite People to a Meeting That Has Rolled

WebConnect does not support rolled attachments or rolled invitees. To add attachments or invitees to a meeting that has rolled, navigate to the web server that is connected to the scheduling Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server system and add the attachment or invitees from there.

What to Do If You Receive Warning Messages Related to WebConnect

Error Message: Warning:[22894] No rollover map or rollover map empty for the user.

Error Message: Warning:[22897] Operation is tried on the local site only.

If you see the preceding warning messages when you access the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing home page, the user belongs to a group that does not have a rollover map. The WebConnect feature requires that you assign all users to a group and all groups to a rollover map (even if the rollover map has only one site). For rollover map configuration instructions, see the To Configure a Rollover Map.

Resolving Error Messages Related to WebConnect

Error Message: Error Message Cannot log in to site X with hostname X.

If you see the preceding error message, do the following procedure.

To Troubleshoot a WebConnect Login Error Message
  1. From your Internet Services Manager, verify that the web server on that host is started.
  2. From your Windows Services control panel, verify that the Cisco MeetingPlace Web Conferencing Service on the host is started.

Error Message: Error Message The user does not exist.

If you see the preceding error message, verify that the user profile information-particularly user ID, password, user group, and meeting categories (if used)-exists on all the sites within the user rollover map. If you do not have Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Directory Services installed, see Importing User Profile and Group Information. For further information, see your Cisco support representative.

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