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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 6.x > Web Conferencing > Configuring > Monitoring and Maintaining

System administrators can view scheduled and actual peak web conferencing usage that occurs across several days by using the Summary Web Port Utilization Tool. This tool generates a Summary Web Port Usage chart.

The information displayed is a combination of data you request to include and available data that was retrieved from the server. Usage data includes only those ports that use a web conferencing license to provide the full web conferencing console.

Note: Information provided by the Summary Web Port Usage Tool applies to systems that are configured for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing only. If your system is integrated with Cisco WebEx, consult the WebEx Site Administration Guide for information about how to generate similar reports.

To Use the Summary Web Port Usage Tool
  1. Log in to MeetingTime.
  2. Click Administration > Capacity Mgmt .
  3. In the Capacity Mgmt tab, for Capacity Management Tools, click Summary Port Utilization .
  4. Click Execute. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace generates and displays a Summary Port Utilization chart.

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