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This page provides the configuration information about the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced (Cisco UAC Advanced).

The intended audience should have the ability to perform system-level configuration of Cisco Collaboration Systems components and deployments, and be familiar with Cisco Collaboration products.

Configuration information is based primarily on system tests performed on Cisco UAC Advanced during Cisco Collaboration Systems release testing.

This topic does not contain detailed step-by-step procedures. For detailed information about how to install, configure, and administer Cisco UAC Advanced, see Related Documentation.


For information about design considerations and guidelines to deploy Cisco UAC Advanced, see:


This section provides information about the Cisco UAC Advanced deployment used as part of the Cisco Collaboration Systems Test Architecture topology. For a detailed description of Collaboration Systems test bed topology see:

Cisco Collaboration Deployment

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The following tables provide this information:

  • Configuration Tasks: List of high-level configuration tasks
  • System Test Specifics: System test variations from procedures and settings documented in the product documentation.
  • More Information: Links to product documentation for detailed configuration information related to the high-level tasks.

NOTE: Default and recommended values specified in the product documentation were used during system testing, unless otherwise noted in the System Test Specifics column.

Table 1: Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced (Cisco UAC Advanced) Configuration

Configuration Tasks System Test Specifics More Information
For all Configuration Tasks, see: Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced Administration and Installation Guide: Chapter 6: Configuring and Licensing Cisco Unified
Attendant Console Advanced Server
1. License Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced Software   Chapter 6, page 4: Licensing Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced Software
2. Manage Connectivity and Support Facilities   Chapter 6, page 7: Engineering Menu
3. Manage Synchronization of Devices and Directories with Unified CM   Chapter 6, page 18: System Configuration Menu
4. Configure Cisco UAC Advanced for User   Chapter 6, page 34: User Configuration Menu
5. Import and Export CSV Files from the Directory
  Chapter 6, page 44: Bulk Administration Menu
6. Provide Cisco UAC Advanced Server Resilience using Server Replication   Chapter 6, page 48: Cisco Unified Replication

Related Documentation

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