Cisco ONS 15454 SDH and ONS 15600 SDH TL1 Command Guide, Release 8.5.1

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To use this publication, you should be familiar with Cisco or equivalent optical transmission hardware and cabling, telecommunications hardware and cabling, electronic circuitry and wiring practices, and preferably have experience as a telecommunications technician.


This book is organized into the following sections:


ACT Commands

ALW Commands

APPLY Commands

CANC Commands and Messages

CHG Commands

CLR Commands

CONN Commands

COPY Commands

DISC Commands

DLT Commands

ED Commands

ENT Commands

EX Commands

INH Commands

INIT Commands

OPR Commands

REPT Messages

RLS Commands

RMV Commands

RST Commands

RTRV Commands (Numerics through C)

RTRV Commands (D through O)

RTRV Commands (P through W)

SCHED Commands

SET Commands

SW Commands

Access Identifiers



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