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Troubleshooting T101-T104 Translation Troubleshooting T101 Protocol Sessions

T101 Encapsulation Option is not available in Interface Configuration Mode
How to find the line number related to an Async Interface
How to find the Baud Rate, Parity, Stop Bits, and Data Bits used by the interface/line
The line is UP, but T101 debug shows that no packets are received
The "show interface ip brief" command shows serial interface as UP; but T101 session does not come up
No application frame is visible on MTU (with all the sessions UP)

Troubleshooting T104 Protocol Sessions

The show t104 session sess-name command shows socket state as "Not Connected" and T104-State as "DOWN"
The socket is connected; but T104 session status is down, as a result SCADA Connection Fails
Packet drop occurs in the router
Correct T104 configuration - No Error
Session remains in DOWN State
Unreachable destination error on the console
Resets because the T101 expiry count is present in the statistics of sh t104 sess name statistics

Troubleshooting SmartGrid Translation Functionality

The T101 packets Sent From RTU not Reaching SCADA Controller and the T101 Commands Sent From SCADA Controller are not Getting Respons

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