Cisco Collaboration Product IDs on Compliance Hold

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This is a feature-level-upgrade license to convert one host license of Cisco UC Virtualization Hypervisor 4.1-5.5 into Cisco UC Virtualization Hypervisor Plus 6.0 for one Business Edition 6000 appliance server.

To release Compliance Hold, please provide the following information to Cisco Global Licensing Operations:

  1. Hardware serial number of the Business Edition 6000 appliance server
  2. Cisco Software Support Services (SWSS) contract # covering Business Edition 6000 user license (e.g. service type "ECMU" on starter/add-on user licenses of R-CBE6K-K9).

(or Cisco Sales Order # with this information)

A replacement preactivated license serial number will be provided which can be uploaded directly to the Business Edition 6000 appliance server.

No or activation is needed.

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