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This article provides an example of a virtualization configuration. For details about configuring Virtulization on the ACE, see the Cisco Application Control Engine Module Virtualization Configuration Guide.

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Example of a Virtualization Configuration

The following running-configuration example shows a basic virtualization configuration with one user-defined context, one resource class, one domain, and one user.

resource-class RC1
  limit-resource rate syslog minimum 10.00 maximum equal-to-min
  limit-resource acl-memory minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

access-list ACL1 line 10 extended permit ip any any

rserver host RS1
  ip address
rserver host RS2
  ip address

serverfarm host SF1
  rserver RS1
  rserver RS2

domain D1
  add-object access-list extended ACL1
  add-object rserver RS1
  add-object rserver RS2
  add-object serverfarm SF1

role SLB-Admin

context C1
  allocate-interface vlan 100-200
  description accounting department
  member RC1

username JANE password 5 adropgijaeprgja9erjg2uWgtce1 role SLB-Admin domain D1

ip route

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