Chat and Email notifications in SocialMiner refer to un-resolved hostname

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Problem Summary Chat and Email notifications in SocialMiner show status as error due to un-resolved hostname
Error Message Notification configuration in SocialMiner -> Administration -> Manage Notifications shows error.
Possible Cause

When we save SocialMiner configuration in Unified CCX Administration, Unified CCX creates Chat & Email campaign, notifications in SocialMiner. Unified CCX creates the notifications with its hostname as resolved by its local DNS.

Since SocialMiner is deployed in DMZ, the hostname of Unified CCX in its domain may not match with that present in the datacenter where Unified CCX is deployed.

Recommended Action

Configure the same hostname for Unified CCX servers in the DNS server that SocialMiner is referencing.

Release Release 10.6(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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