Chat Agent Not Able to Receive Injected Contact

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Chat Agent Not Able to Receive Injected Contact

Problem Summary

Agent logs in to Chat Agent URL https://<uccx_server_fqdn/agentdesktop.After accepting the certificates and providing login username and password, the agent moves to Ready state waiting for contact. The injected contact is not received by the Chat Agent.

Error Message NA
Possible Cause Connectivity issue between SocialMiner and Unified CCX or a configuration issue.
Recommended Action - Go to SocialMiner Home page, select the campaign “CCX_CHAT_Campaign” and see if the injected contact is listed there.
- If not, contact network admin and SocialMiner support team.
- Go to MADM logs and look for “Notify for new contact”.
- If it is not there, look for “BAD Request”.
- If found contact Social Miner support team
- To check for a connectivity issue between SocialMiner and Unified CCX box, try pinging Unified CCX box from SocialMiner box using UnifiedCCX fully qualified domain name.
- If there is an issue, contact your network administrator.

UnifiedCCX never received a notification that a new chat had come on.
To troubleshoot that, use the SocialMiner serviceability API with the category for notifications.
This returns XML defining the state of each SocialMiner notifier (HTTP, IM, email). Only HTTP is relevant for the Unified CCX integration.

The XML looks like the following:


In this message, look for are notificationsFailed and lastFailureCause. If there are failed notifications, it means SocialMiner tried to send a notification to Unified CCX but it was rejected. The reason appears in lastFailureCause. Also, notificationsSent should reflect how many chats were submitted to the system.

Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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