Chat Agent Login Fails

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Chat Agent Login Fails

Problem Summary User login to Chat Agent URL fails.

https://<uccx_server_fqdn/agentdesktop after the user accepts the certificates and provides login username and password.

Error Message Login failure.
Possible Cause Invalid login credentials or login attempt from a non-chat-agent.
Recommended Action Validate the login credentials.

Verify that the user is part of Chat CSQ and has agent capabilities.

With Firebug or equivalent installed on your browser look into the logs for line like “10:10:10: INFO - tunnelStatus :connected” 

If you do not see this message, verify that Unified CCX Notification Service is running. “Telnet at uccx_server_fqdn 7071”, if it is not responding restart UCCX Notification service
Check whether Chat subsystem is in the In Service state

If Chat subsystem state is “Not Configured”, configure SocialMiner. 

If state is Partial Service, make sure Notification Service is running.

Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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