Chat/Email control gadget in Finesse shows error though Agent has Chat/Email capability

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Problem Summary Chat/Email control gadget in Finesse says "Not a valid Chat or Email agent" though Agent was configured with required skills
Error Message
Possible Cause

Skill update or CSQ update notification might not have been processed by Unified CCX Engine.

Recommended Action
  • Verify in MADM logs whether notification has been sent upon appadmin configuration change.

MADM-LIB_CFG-7-UNK:NotifyRoutingandQueuingTopic.notifyResourceChange() - notificationType:UPDATE, rsrcId ID:jaya

  • Verify in MIVR logs whether the notification has been processed successfully. : Received Event [RsrcNotification [keys={agtKey=1, csqKey=1}, operation=UPDATE, Rsrcid=jaya], QList=[12,]]

  • Restart Cisco Unified CCX Engine service to fix the issue.
Release Release 10.6(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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