Canned AG.ICMS Script Fails to Play VRU Script when the Call needs to be Queued

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The Canned AG.ICMS script fails to play VRU script when the call needs to be queued

Problem Summary

media server is not set in the routing script

CVP logs shows: 92: Oct 01 2010 15:09:28.917 -0400: %CVP_8_5_IVR-3-CALL_ERROR: CALLGUID=5A120D800001000000000002F288560A DNIS=155552191994 Media Fetch Error for URL=file://../MediaFiles/en-us/app/ICMWait4NextAvail.wav (Client: [id:3023]

Error Message

Attempting to resolve hostname [] to IP address (gethostbyname). The following trace message displayed in the CTI OS client log: 09/28/10 10:04:22.234 3688 CTI OS Softphone Thd( 176) CRITICAL: Failed to resolve hostname [] to IP address (gethostbyname).

Possible Cause

Default media server needs to be configured in CVP

Recommended Action

In CVP configuration, Device Management > Media server, add the media server IP address and configure FTP for Agent Greeting. Also select the media server in the Default Media Server list. Then click Set button to set it as default media server.


Release 9.0(1)

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