Call information not displayed on Finesse Desktop after recovery from client crash, disconnect or failover

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Problem Summary

An application or call-flow deployed in your Cisco Unified CCX that uses call variables with length greater than the supported and documented limit of 39 characters causes issues in seeing the call information displayed on the Finesse desktop of the agent. This is observed after recovering from events like:

  • Finesse Desktop or browser crash
  • Finesse Desktop disconnection to the server or Cisco Unified CCX
  • Failover

The ongoing call is fine; the agent relogins and moves to NOT_READY state as expected.

Error Message No error message, but the ongoing call information is not displayed on the agent's Finesse Desktop.
Possible Cause The validation failure of a call variable results in an error that prevents the call information from being displayed on the agent's desktop.
Recommended Action N/A
Release Release 10.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCul57367

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