Call aborted due to WFMaxExecutedStepsExceededException

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Call aborted due to WFMaxExecutedStepsExceededException

Problem Summary The script could be in an infinite loop and so after 1000 steps are executed, the call is aborted.
Error Message

No. of executed steps: 1000

Possible Cause The script logic is incorrect and so the call got into an infinite loop
Recommended Action

    ENG debugs are very essential to troubleshoot these issues. With ENG debugs turned on, you can see the steps executed for a task like 'Execute step of task:' in the logs. Loops will be evident from the ENG debugs. Check the script logic and ensure that there are no infinite loops for the call. Modify the script.

    485: Mar 20 09:19:58.968 IST %MIVR-APP_MGR-3-TASK_ABORTED:Application task aborted: Application=App[name=BOI,type=Cisco Script Application,id=0,desc=BOI,enabled=true,max=12,valid=true,optional=[cfgVars=[;@616483,script=BOI-Custom-Prompts.aef,last.modified=1176437737812]],Application Port,id=4,implId=606,active=true,state=IN_USE],aborting=false,transferring=false,disconnecting=false]],Task id=187,000,000,010,Task Class=class, No. of executed steps: 1000

Release Release 7.0(1) Onwards
Associated CDETS # NA

Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

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