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Call fails in Secured mode

Problem Summary Call fails in HTTPS Secured mode.
Error Message MIVR log will display “MIVR-SS_VB: Log: Primary VXML Server Status DOWN” , “MIVR-SS_VB: Log: Backup VXML Server Status DOWN” and “CVP VXML Server is down. Call is dropped.”
Possible Cause 1. HTTPS Certificate is not uploaded on Cisco VVB.
2. The port number on which VXML server listens is different for secured mode.
Recommended Action 1.Upload CA Signed or CVP Self Signed Certificate onto VVB and then try to make a call using HTTPS.
2. Verify if the port number for VXML server is correct (usually 7443 for secured mode)
Release Release 11.0(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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