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Hi guys,

I'm creating this page just a place holder for the CMS documents I have created. if you have viewed/downloaded/used any of them, or all of them, I'd appreciate if you can just click on the link(s) below to help me get an idea of the number of people viewing/downloading them. As they're in Google Drive, I have no easy way to measure the impact and the reach they had and I'll be doing it with links.

As everyone else, I need to show the value of my work, and I need to put some numbers to it, and this will help me do so, but I need your help for this. It's fairly easy with the videos, but not with the CMS documents I've created.

Feel free to keep sharing them, but please direct people to this page.

  1. CMS configuration guide for a single split server deployment
  2. CMS configuration guide Database, Call Bridge and XMPP resiliency and redundancy
  3. CMS configuration guide CMS Edge resiliency
  4. CMS configuration guide for CMS Recorder
  5. CMS API share
    Please review the PDF file for an explanation of how to import, how to use, and the variables that are used in the collection/environment.

I'll add the link to the CMS consolidated guide once I manage to configure streaming in my lab.

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