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ACNS Troubleshooting

Steps to perform channel Monitoring

1> sh distribution channels - will show you the channels subscribed along with the channel ID's, by which you can also take a look at the specific channel info.

2> WCCP Troubleshooting

  • sh wccp status                -------    Check whether wccp is ON or OFF
  • "sh wccp routers"             -------    in case you find routers not seeing for 80,81,82 or 83 service group , you should login in the router and check for "sh ip wccp <service group>"
  • "sh wccp gre"                  -------     look for increments in gre or non gre packets. if they are not incrementing then , redirects are not happening from the router end.

WAAS Troubleshooting

  • sh license
  • sh stat connection

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