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Provide global support teams with skills necessary to troubleshoot CAD. While it is not possible for the scenarios in this class to cover every possible problem that may arise, the knowledge gained can be recycled and reapplied in new issues.


Students are expected to complete all pre-requisites outlined below prior to class attendance. This will ensure a basic knowledge of CAD installation, configuration, and integration with UCCE.


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Class Content - Day 1

Module Estimated Duration
Lab Overview 30 minutes
Lab Login and Place Test Call 30 minutes
Lab Scenario Template 15 minutes
CAD Architecture Overview 30 Minutes
CAD Installation Prerequisites 30 minutes
Logs and Debugging 15 minutes
CAD Post Install 30 minutes
Lab: PostInstall fails to Set Services 30 minutes
Lab Rascal Server Error in Event Viewer 30 minutes
Modify Agent PG Registry 10 minutes
Lab Agent Cannot Log in - CAD Sync failure 30 minutes
Lab CPU Pegged on CAD Server 30 minutes
Lab Troubleshooting VoIP Monitoring 30 minutes
Startup Processes 45 minutes

Class Content - Day 2

Module Estimated Duration
LDAP Replication 30 minutes
LDAP Updates 30 minutes
LDAP Utilities and Demo 15 minutes
CAD Server 8.5.1 to 8.5.2a "Over the top" Upgrade 10 Minutes
Lab: Do the upgrade 30 minutes
LDAP Database Folders and Files 15 minutes
Lab LDAP Repair (Reinstall CAD) 15 minutes
Lab LDAP Replication Failure, Manual Restore 15 minutes
Lab Restore LDAP using Slap Tools 20 minutes
Lab Restore LDAP using CDBRTool 20 minutes
Rascal Server - Flat Files vs SQL Data Stores 30 minutes
Troubleshooting Rascal Replication - Flat Files 15 minutes
Troubleshooting Rascal Replication - SQL 30 minutes
Lab Flat Files to SQL Migration 60 minutes
Lab Troubleshooting Migration Fails, Failure to Create SQL DB 20 minutes

Class Content - Day 3

Module Estimated Duration
Failover 45 minutes
Agent Login 60 Minutes
Lab Troubleshooting Agent Login Failure 30 minutes
LAB CAD Agent Login - Team Requirement 15 minutes
ACD Call 30 minutes
IP Phone Agent 10 minutes
Lab: IP Phone Agent 20 minutes
Troubleshooting IP Phone Agent 10 minutes
Understanding Agent Workflow 15 minutes
Desktop Sync 30 minutes
Troubleshooting CAD RecMon 30 minutes
Configuring CAD Desktop Monitoring Console 30 minutes
Troubleshooting CAD-BE 30 minutes

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