Archiver: LoadArchiver Issues with Different Server Time Zones

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Archiver: LoadArchiver Fails with "Primary key constraint violations"

Problem Summary

"Primary key constraint violations" when running the LoadArchiver stored procedure.

Error Message Primary Key Contraint Violations
Possible Cause (1)CUIS Archiver requires that the HDS and Archiver servers be in same time zone. If these servers are in different time zones, there will be "primary key constraint violations" on various and random tables when running the LoadArchiver stored procedure.

or (2)The Archiver stored procedure might had archiver.dbo.xp_InsertChildInterval and archiver.dbo.xp_UpsertChildInterval has i.status=2 in sql query (as mentioned in SR 615134909)

Recommended Action For cause (1) Place the Archiver and HDS servers in the same time zone.

For cause (2) Login to Archiver machine, Open "Sql Server Management Studio" and navigate to below stored procedure in archiver database and change i.status=2 to i.status=2066 in sql query. Stored Procedure-1: xp_InsertChildInterval Stored Procedure-2: xp_UpsertChildInterval

Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS #/SR CSCsz99377, SR615134909

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