Analyzing CCX IP/Hostname change log

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Log Collection

Problem Summary Analyzing CCX IP/Hostname change log
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause N/A
Recommended Action Collect All the logs as mentioned in Log Collection section.

Following is sample log message

12/23/2009 17:11:33|*********************************************************|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33| Running Process Id=21172 |<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33|*********************************************************|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33||<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33|[25] Command Line parameters: --ipaddr --old_ipaddr|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33|It's IP Address change Request|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33|Executing DB Script: /opt/cisco/uccx/bin/uccx_db_ip_hostname_change|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:33|Executing CVD Script: /opt/cisco/uccx/bin/|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:11:37|Executing Calabrio script|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:17:13|IP Address change Completed|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:17:13|Creating /opt/cisco/uccx/properties/ file|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 17:17:13|/opt/cisco/uccx/properties/ file creation successful|<LVL::Info>

Make sure that log mentions that all the scripts have been executed successfully. If any script fails, log will mention the script name.

For example, If Db script fails it will log following message.

12/23/2009 11:07:28|Executing DB script: /opt/cisco/uccx/bin/uccx_db_ip_hostname_change blr-ccx-90 blr-ccx-900|<LVL::Info>

12/23/2009 11:07:28|DB script failed|<LVL::Error>


Log for IP or Hostname change start with following message

2009-12-23 17:11:22,568 - uccx.iphostnamechange - DEBUG - Starting Unified CCX DB relates changes for the Hostname/IP address change

and ends with

2009-12-23 17:11:22,692 - uccx.iphostnamechange - DEBUG - Hostname related changes complete for Unified CCX DB


2009-12-23 17:11:33,165 - uccx.iphostnamechange - DEBUG - IP Address change. No changes in DB configuration files.

depending on the kind of change.


Search for String "NodeConfigUpdate" in this log to identify any error messages.

Release Release 8.0(1)
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