Agent Moved to Logout State While Chat In Progress

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Agent Moved to Logout State While Chat In Progress

Problem Summary

Agent logs in to Chat Agent URL https://<uccx_server_fqdn/agentdesktop.

After accepting the certificates and providing login username and password, the agent moves to the Ready state. After the agent accepted an injected contact during the chat, the state changes to Logout.

Error Message NA
Possible Cause Unified CCX failover at the time of an ongoing chat session.
Recommended Action Agent moves to Logout state while chat in progress occurs during failover scenario when mastership changes.

You are moved to the Logout state and the Sign Out option is disabled, but you can still continue to chat with the customer.
After you end the chat you are redirected to the login page.

Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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