Agent Greeting Record Application Fails

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Agent greeting Record application fails

Problem Summary

Agent greeting Record application fails.

Error Message

The RecordAgentGreeting VXML applications fails. The ICM routing script shows the call path exit out the failure node of the RecordAgentGreeting application. CVP logs show an attempted URL access to "...server.vxml"

Possible Cause

Possible misconfiguration of the ICM VRU script for the record application. The VRU script names ARE case sensitive. The proper name is "Server". Make sure VXML Server is installed with Call Server. Make sure the Media Server is configured correctly in OAMP or the UCCE routing script. Make sure the FTP server is installed and running with proper user credentials and access rights.

Recommended Action

Configure the Record script name as "GS,Server,V"


Release 9.0(1)

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