Agent Greeting Playback Gets Cut Off

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Agent Greeting playback gets cutoff

Problem Summary

Agent Greeting playback gets cutoff

Error Message

CVP logs show: %CVP_8_5_SIP-3-SIP_ERROR_SNMP: Agent Greeting Failed. CALLGUID = 7CE0BF800001000000000217D581560A LEGID = 7ce0bf80-ca11fb44-217-d581560a - [INBOUND] - ABNORMALLY ENDING - SIP code [200], Reason Hdr [Q.850;cause=102] Q850 Reason [102 - Recovery on timer expiry, might be IOS media inactivity timer disconnect.], GW call using SURV TCL flag [false], NON NORMAL flag [true], USE ERROR REFER flag [true] with AGE (msecs) 12281 and Call History : 777333331087|-1; [id:5010]

Possible Cause

Media inactivity is configured on gateway

Recommended Action

remove any media inactivity from the gateway such as "timer receive-rtcp"


Release 9.0(1)

Associated CDETS #


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