Agent Greeting Fails to Play - ICM Router Event ID: 637

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Agent Greeting fails to Play

Problem Summary

Agent Greeting Fails to Play.

Error Message

ICM Router indicates "VRU X reported error while playing Agent Greeting Y for agent with SkillTargetID Z" (ICM Router Event ID: 637 )

Possible Cause

1. It is possible the Agent Greeting does not exist on the CVP media server. 2. VXML gateway has problem to fetch the Agent Greeting file from the media server. 3. In the Agent Greeting playback routing script, the Agent Greeting Network VRU Script is not configured correctly.

Recommended Action

1. The format of the Agent Greeting file is AgentLoginName_GreetingType.wav. Check if that file exists on the media server. If not, the agent needs to record his greeting for the greeting type. 2. Check the ICM Network VRU script configured for Agent Greeting. VRU script name should be "PM,-a". 3. Check errors in CVP and VXML gateway.


Release 9.0(1)

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