Agent Greeting Fails to Play - EnterpriseAgent PIM Event ID: 57

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Agent Greeting fails to Play

Problem Summary

Agent Greeting Fails to Play.

Error Message

UCCE Peripheral Gateway indicates "Failed to play Agent Greeting using BIB due to BIB resource not configured."(EnterpriseAgent PIM Event ID:57 )

Possible Cause

BIB on device not enabled.

Notes: Not all of the UCM phones support Agent Greeting feature. Refer to Agent Greeting document for the list of supported BIB phones for Agent Greeting feature

Recommended Action

1. Choose correct/supported device to use for the Agent Greeting feature.

2. Enable BIB for device that supports BIB. In Unified CM Admin configuration, select Device > Phone, then select the agent phone. In the Device Information configuration, set the Built In Bridge to "On".


Release 9.0(1)

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