Agent Greeting Fails to Play - EnterpriseAgent PIM Event ID: 52

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Agent Greeting fails to Play

Problem Summary

Agent Greeting Fails to Play.

Error Message

UCCE Peripheral Gateway indicates "Failed to play Agent Greeting ... due to start media fail." (EnterpriseAgent PIM Event ID: 52)

Possible Cause

1. Agent Greeting feature is not supported on the device although BIB on device is enabled. 2. The VRU label for the Call manager peripheral routing client is not configured correctly. 3. The Call manager Route Pattern is not configured correctly for the CVP VRU Label. 4. The VRU label for the Unified CM peripheral routing client doesn't match the Unified CM Route Pattern. 5. CVP is not configured or working properly.

Recommended Action

1. Choose correct/supported device to use for the Agent Greeting feature. 2. In ICM Network VRU configuration, check the VRU label for the Call Manager peripheral routing client is configured correctly. 3. In Call manager Admin configuration, select Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Route Pattern. Check the route pattern is configured correctly for the CVP VRU label and is associated with the a sip trunk pointed to the Agent Greeting CVP Call Server. 4. In CVP, check all of the services are up and running.


Release 9.0(1)

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