Agent Greeting Fails to Play - EnterpriseAgent PIM Error ID: 43

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Agent Greeting fails to Play

Problem Summary

Agent Greeting Fails to Play.

Error Message

When the Agent Greeting record button is pressed, desktop shows "No recording Dialed Number is configured." The Unified CCE Peripheral Gateway indicates "Failed to play Agent Greeting since the special dialed number 'Record Agent Greeting' is not configured on the routing client for the peripheral." (EnterpriseAgent PIM Error ID: 43 ) ICM Router Event ID: 63, 66

Possible Cause

The Dialed Number "RecordAgentGreeting" was not properly configured.

Recommended Action

Create the ICM Dialed Number "RecordAgentGreeting" for the correct peripheral and schedule an appropriate script for it.


Release 9.0(1)

Associated CDETS #


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