Agent Desktop Does Not Enable Login

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Agent Desktop does not enable login

Problem Summary

On the Agent desktop soft-phone, the greeting button will be 'Grayed' out or Disabled when click on the greeting button.

Error Message

Attempting to resolve hostname [] to IP address (gethostbyname). The following trace message displayed in the CTI OS client log: 09/28/10 10:04:22.234 3688 CTI OS Softphone Thd( 176) CRITICAL: Failed to resolve hostname [] to IP address (gethostbyname).

Possible Cause

Incorrect server name entered for the CtiOS server under the following registry: registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->cisco system Inc->ctios->CTIOS_YourInstance->EnterpriseDesktopSetting->AllDesktop->Login->connectionsprofiles->Name->IPCC. change the values of CTIOSA and CTIOSB

Recommended Action

Correct the server name under desktop settings for CtiOS and make sure the server name is resolvable by the DNS.


Release 9.0(1)

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