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Unknown request error display

Problem Summary Once you successfully login to the Cisco MediaSense Administration, an unknown request error displays in the UI.
Error Message
You have reached this page in error. Most likely you typed a wrong URL in the address bar of your browser. 
If the problem persists, please contact your Administrator.
Possible Cause

This error is known to display if you login to the Cisco MediaSense Administration immediately after implementing the post-installation setup procedure.

If you wait for a few minutes after the post-installation setup and then login to the Cisco MediaSense Administration, you may not see this error.

Recommended Action Ignore this error and continue with your configuration. You only see this error once. You will not see this error when you login again.
Release Release 8.5(3), 8.5(4), 9.0(1). 
Associated CDETS # None.

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