Administration: Cannot add or edit data in the Administration Console

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Administration: Cannot add or edit data in the administration console

Problem Summary You sign in to the Finesse administration console and attempt to add or edit data (for example, reason codes, phonebooks, workflows). You receive an error.
Error Message

Cisco Finesse cannot authenticate to the Database. This could be because the database is down or because invalid credentials were specified.
The operation timed out or failed. Please try again or contact the administrator.

Possible Cause The Finesse database (A Cisco DB service) is down. 
Recommended Action Use the CLI command utils service list to check the status of the A Cisco DB service. This command returns a list of Finesse services and their status. If the following appears in the list, the database is out of service:

A Cisco DB[STOPPED] Commanded Out of Service

If the database is out of service, use the following CLI command to restart it:
utils restart A Cisco DB 

Release Release 9.1(1), Release 10.0(1), Release 10.5(1), Release 10.6(1), Release 11.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None


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