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Incorrect participant duration

Problem Summary The far-end participant duration for the Session Query and Session Event APIs is incorrect.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause If a far-end participant is not present for the entire duration of a recording session, the duration response for that participant is incorrect.
Recommended Action At any time, a recording session can only have two participants: a near-end participant (identified by Track Number 0) and a far-end participant (any non-zero track number). Even in a conference scenario, only the conference bridge number is available to Cisco MediaSense. Consequently, if multiple participants are available in a bridge, Cisco MediaSense only displays one participant(identified by the isConference flag).

The only way a participant list can be changed in a recording session is if the far-end participant performs a transfer or has a conference. If the near-end participant drops off or initiates a conference, the existing recording session terminates.

So the workaround is to use the start time of a new far-end participant as the end time of the previous far-end participant and calculate the duration.

Also use this workaround for SessionEvent to determine if a far-end participant (was) dropped from a recording session (and if so, at what time).

Release Release 8.5(1).
Associated CDETS # CSCtl47917

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