You hear holdmusic.wav or but hear a TTS response instead

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Problem Summary

You hear holdmusic.wav, or, you should hear holdmusic.wav and you hear a TTS response.

Error Message


Possible Cause


Recommended Action

If you set up the alternate response version of the customhelloworld voice application (which was the holdmusic.wav file), this is the proper response to the customhelloworld exercise.

If you modified customhelloworld to use the .wav file but it still plays the TTS voice message you configured:

  • If you modified the customhelloworld exercise to its non-TTS version, be sure you used updateApp.bat to force the VXML server to load the new version of the application. (You can also restart the VXML server to accomplish this.)
  • Double-check the URI information you entered for customhelloworld in Call Studio. Refer to Optionally, Modify and Redeploy (Update) the customhelloworld Application as a Non-TTS Exercise.


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