Whisper Announcement Fails to Play - Whisper Prompt Playback Failed

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Whisper Announcement Fails to Play - "Whisper Prompt Playback Failed"

Problem Summary

Whisper Announcement fails to play

Error Message

Central controller event viewer and Router log shows: Unable to find Whisper Announcement media file <filename> CVP logs show: Whisper Prompt Playback failed. Check the media name and address. VXML gateway logs can provide more detail with 'deb voip appl err' trace on. [id:5010] [ICM_EVENT_REPORT], dialogueId=119, sendSeqNo=4, eventId=ANSWER, causeCode=CAUSE_WHISPER_MEDIA_ERROR,,

Possible Cause

Whisper Announcement wav file was not found

Recommended Action

Check that the ICM script has the correct wav file listed and check that the file exists in the media server


Release 9.0(1)

Associated CDETS #


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