We are currently experiencing heavy call volume.Please try your call again later.

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Problem Summary


Error Message

We are currently experiencing heavy call volume. Please hold, your call will be answered in the order it was received....please continue to hold.

We are currently experiencing heavy call volume. Please try your call again later.

Possible Cause


Recommended Action

Things to consider:

  • You may have tried to make calls immediately after you restarted the CVP server. This could cause calls to "back up" because they are not ending properly.
    To check for "backed up calls," on the CVP server open the File Manager and navigate to: C\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\admin and run status.bat. If the status window shows "Active Callers" it means that calls are not being completed. The test license for CVP all-in-one-box allows a maximum of 30 callers, therefore, if calls are not being completed, you could receive the "heavy call volume" message. You would also notice that 30 ports are allowed and but zero ports are available.
  • Restart the VXML server to clear the calls (from the Operations Console select: System > Control Center and restart). Then try your call again. Be sure to give the server time to come up.


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