Voice gateway debug commands and log files

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This section provides information about using and interpreting the voice gateway debug commands.

Note: The following commands are entered on the gateway's command line through a Telnet session, unless you are directly connected to the gateway.

Description of Command or Issue

Command to Use or Suggestion Regarding Issue

Turn off all debug logging.

no debug all

Clear the gateways' debug logs so that you will have only fresh information related to a call issue.

clear log

Add back specific logging.
  • Default debugging for all dial peers
  • VXML subsystem entry/exit messages
  • SIP debugging
Commands to add back specific logging:
  • debug voip dialpeer default
  • debug voip app vxml inout
  • debug ccsip all
Example Log message received: **CVP**85C28020C56C11DD800ED5D4E76F3954**helloworld**ERROR:, CVP VXML Server emergency error occurred such as an invalid application. Call is dropped.

Check the application definition in the gateway configuration. Be sure the name of the application is entered exactly as the application is actually spelled.

For example: HelloWorld, and customhelloworld

You receive a URL in the log file.

Try copying the URL information and pasting it into your browser. The browser should display additional information.

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