VoIP Monitor does not list some phone devices

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VoIP Monitor does not list some phone devices

Problem Summary With the Cisco Communications Manager Express (CME) deployment, when you click the VOIP Monitoring Device tab in the web based Cisco Desktop Administrator, the follwoing error message appears.
Error Message CDAUI2000 An error has occurred. Contact technical support.
Possible Cause Unknown.
Recommended Action

Do the following:

  1. Login to the Cisco CME router (through a hyper terminal or telnet session) and enter the username and password.
  2. Enter enable to Turn on the Privilege command.
  3. Press the Return key.
  4. You are prompted to authenticate your session; enter password: enable.
  5. Press the Return key.
  6. Enter Configure t.
  7. Press the Return key (You enter the configuration mode and are allowed to do the configuration changes on the CME router through the terminal).
  8. Execute the following commands to increase the buffer size from 4K to 64K:
    • ixi transport http
    • response size 64
    • no shutdown
    • request outstanding 1
  9. Execute the write command on the CME router. This will write the existing configuration details to the memory, network, or terminal.
  10. Launch the web based Cisco Desktop Administrator.
  11. Go to: Services Configuration > Silent Monitoring and Recording > VOIP Monitor Device.
After making the above changes, the phone devices should be listed under VOIP Monitor Device.
Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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