Virtualization for Cisco Unified Presence

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Updates to this Page

The following is a list of significant updates to this page:

Date Update
November 2010 Virtualization of Cisco Unified Presence to support ESXi v4.1.

Information for Partners about Cisco Unified Presence Deployments

See High-level Checklist for Design and Implementation.

Cisco Unified Presence-Specific Details for VMware Requirements

See Unified Communications VMWare Requirements and Installing Cisco Unified Presence on a VMWare Server

Cisco UCS C-Series Servers, Cisco Unified Presence, and ESXi must be installed prior to the Cisco Unified Presence installation.

See ESXi Support for Messaging and Presence Applications for ESXi version support information.

VM-Specific Cisco Unified Presence Software Requirements

See Unified Communications VMWare Requirements.

The following software requirements apply specifically to Cisco Unified Presence:

Cisco Unified Presence VMWare Software Requirements

VM-Specific Cisco Unified Presence Hardware Requirements

See Unified Computing System Hardware.

Cisco Unified Presence only supports UCS C210 M1 and M2 servers for Release 8.5(1). See Cisco Unified Presence VMWare Hardware Requirements and Cisco Unified Presence Hardware Compatibility for additional information.

Cisco Unified Presence-Specific Information for OVA Templates

See Unified Communications Virtualization Downloads (including OVA/OVF Templates).

In addition, it should be noted that any of the OVA deployed user base sizes (1000/2500/5000) can be used when doing a DRS migration from a physical machine with a disk capacity presented to the original Cisco Unified Presence installation of less than 80 GB (for example, MCS-7825-H2).

See also Cisco Unified Presence Virtualization Software Download.

Cisco Unified Presence-Specific Information for Sizing Guidelines

See Unified Communications Virtualization Sizing Guidelines

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