Verify voice gateway is added to Operations Console and is reachable

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You added the voice gateway to the Operations Console in Add the Voice Gateway to the Operations Console. Verify that the gateway is defined to the console and is "reachable" as follows:

  1. Using VNC Viewer or a similar program, access the CVP server or virtual machine and start the Operations Console program: Start > Programs > Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal > Operations Console.
  2. Log into the Operations Console using the password you established during the CVP installation process.
  3. From the Operations Console menu, select: Device Management > Gateway. You should see a list of all the gateways you have defined. Each gateway's status should be Configured.
  4. Using the radio button to the left of the gateway name, select the gateway you are using for these exercises and click Edit.
  5. Select IOS Commands > Show Version. After a few seconds you should see the version information that the Operations Console retrieved from the gateway.
  6. If you do not receive the version information, be sure the gateway is properly defined to the Operations Console; select: Device Management > Gateway > select the gateway > Edit. Refer to Add the Voice Gateway to the Operations Console for additional information about defining the gateway. Be sure that the console has the proper username and password for the gateway; otherwise, it cannot access the gateway.

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