VXML Server: VXML Server Loggers Not Functioning

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VXML Server Loggers Not Functioning

Problem Summary When deploying a new application on a VXML Server, you receive an error message.
Error Message There was a problem instantiating the logger class com.Cisco.CVP.vxml.datafeed.DatafeedLogger.
Possible Cause The VXML Server and the Call Server are not communicating.
Recommended Action The application cannot be deployed successfully until the VXML Server and Call Server are communicating. Check the network connectivity between the two servers. Traceroute and Ping are some of the initial network testing utilities that are available to verify the network integrity. Be sure to test the network connectivity in both directions. Also verify that the network cards are set to the correct settings. These settings are provided in the General Systems Issues section of this document.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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