VXML Server: VXML Server Is Unreachable

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VXML Server Is Unreachable

Problem Summary The VXML Server shows as Unreachable.
Possible Cause An UNREACHABLE status is reported when the Operations Console Resource Manager does not get a valid number for active calls after running status script.
Recommended Action The Operations Console bypasses the Operations Console Resource Manager on the Call Server to which the VoiceXML service is connected and directly talks to the Operations Console Resource Manager that is co-located with the VXML Server. The reason for this is that the status obtained through the central controller on the Call Server is incorrect if no calls have been placed through the VXML server. It reports and displays the status as STOPPED. The status of VXML server is obtained in a different manner than that for Reporting Server.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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