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Empty Error Message

Problem Summary This error message is displayed with no message at all other than saying there is a server error.
Error Message SERVER ERROR:
Possible Cause This error message appears when a Java exception that itself does not define an error message occurs. Most of the time, this is a Java NullPointerException, which defines no error message. Note that all VXML Server errors contain descriptive error messages and only very few Java exceptions have no message.

Note that if this exception occurred within a custom Java class written by a developer, the Java stack trace of the exception is displayed in the error log. This stack trace provides the developer information on where this error occurred. If there is no stack trace, this could be an indication of a bug in the VXML Server, though it is possible that an incorrectly configured element or Java class could cause some object to be null that should not be, causing the error to occur within VXML Server code.

Severity: This message should be considered severe because a NullPointerException only occurs when Java objects that should have a value do not.

Recommended Action If this error occurs in a custom Java class, the developer should debug it to find out the issue by using the stack trace. If the error occurs without a stack trace, under standard call volume, the developer may first wish to debug the problem to see if there is any custom code that could be setting up data incorrectly. If the options are exhausted, this would be a situation where Cisco customer support should be contacted.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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